Thursday, November 5, 2009


the accusations that these new leaders are facing in latin america are ones of a paranoid U.S. government...what these accusations mean is that the exploiters of these countries are pretty upset with the new conditions and policies put into place by leaders like Morales...the idealogy of populism is defined as "A political philosophy supporting the rights and power of the people in their struggle against the privileged elite" which sounds pretty accurate when speaking on the people of latin america... so this accusation is actually an admittance of exploitation by the accusers...anti-americanism is the term used by this 'elite' class in describing the people who are fighting back against a long history of neoimperialism that has been occuring since the monroe doctrine...the term demagoguery is often used in describing a manipulation or distortion of the people by using prejudices often described in the tactics of Hitler or Stalin...the reason this term is used here is to make out these latin american leaders as if they were manipulating their people with lies about the United States...if truely these leaders gained power based on the masss' prejudices then they must hold some truth to them....the way Morales nationalized oil and gas is a way to keep the U.S. out of their business but some describe " a country that is nationalizing, or, if you prefer, stealing, foreign-owned assets.....(282)" is the way that the ELITE class of corporations see this new revolution of deglobalization