Thursday, October 1, 2009


When first entering the class I was expecting a more formal breakdown of world history. I actually thought that this class would show what the world was like prior to American exisitance, and then show the effects that the U.S. had on the rest of the world once it became recognized as a part of the global community. This idea definetly stems from the infamous worldwide hate that Americans have generally accepted as common. I want to learn more about the inconventional methods that the U.S. has used to force it's influence on other nations. I also wouldn't mind to learn a bit more about our capitalist society that is clearly the downfall of our current global economy. My thoughts still lean to Dr. King's interpretation of the United States government. This is not a opinion based thought. It is clear and apparent throughout "our" history that we unfortunately are and have been the most violent bully in this world.

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  1. Patryk, that's a great question about how the current economic crises will or won't affect some of the policies we've been discussing, especially the belief in free market ideology. It might be a good question to ask Mark Engler when he comes to speak, since he's written on related issues.

    There's also the question about how much there's a break between Bush and Obama in terms of America's role in the world.