Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shocked? not reallly...

The shock doctrine can be interpreted in a few ways. Predominantly, it all comes down to this war on terrorism that we are still actively engaged in despite having achieved most of our "goals" in the mideast. By goals I mean the exucses that were used to justify such militant action against Afghanistan, Iraq, and Iran. The initial terrorist acts of 9/11 is what allowed this shock doctrine to work its path through the privatization of government agencies and the neo-colonialism of the middle east. The SHOCK, was the idea of protection from terrorism used to manipulate national securitity and immigration policies favoring big corporations as well as privatized government. These unheard of policies allowed for the violation of privacy and permited the executive branch to conduct itself in anyway it seemed fit in order to protect the country. What should be more shocking is the fact that the Bush administration used the war on terrorism to maximize profits and mantain the battle to keep it an open market. Cheny's famous 1% doctrine claimed that if there is a 1% chance that something is a threat, it requires the U.S. to treat it as if the threat is 100% real. This is the doctrine that is most shocking and was the justification of the War in Iraq. The war on terrorism can never be won, but if the idea and fear still sits in citizens minds, the government will continue to use this as an economic oppurtunity to further personal interests of those in positions of power.


  1. Great overview. As we move forward, a couple things to think about:

    - As you note, the wars started post 9/11 are continuing - how much does the shock doctrine continue to be in effect in a post-Bush world?

    - Are there alternative ways of people responding to shocks?

  2. I agree, I don't understand why threats are not taken seriously. The government is an authority for the people. Their attitude gives the public a wrong notion and tells them not to take situations seriously either.

  3. Roushanara - I'm interested in what you mean. Certainly the government encouraged Americans to take 9/11 seriously, no?